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Nominated for Best Ice Cream, Candy & Chocolate on the North Shore!  Vote now through May 1st.


Monday - Wednesday | Closed

Thursday - Sunday | 12 - 6PM


Located at 4 Broadway

Salisbury Beach, Massachusetts

Click below for directions from Google Maps


Use your creativity to complete your Pink House coloring page! Pick up one at Willey's or download a printable copy below. Return it to Willey’s Scoops & Sweets to redeem for 20% off your same day purchase. All completed coloring pages will be displayed on site and entered into our contest to win a free ice cream. Try our exclusive Pink House ice cream, which is pink cotton candy flavored!

Snap a photo & tag @SupportthePinkHouse on social, too!  Learn more about Support The Pink House, a local 501c3 nonprofit organization, and how to support their cause. 


Salisbury Beach is more than just an address for Willey’s. Originally Willey’s Candy Shop was started by Leo and Luna Willey in 1913. It was their goal, as it remains ours, to create and provide the seacoast’s finest confectioners in a place we also call home. 


Current owner Heather Silvia shares similar visions and passions with both Salisbury Beach and the future of Willey’s.

We hope you can take a moment to relax, taste, and experience our secret ingredient in all our confectioners: We love what we do, and we love to bring you the best!

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