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A Story for Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 19, 2022

Over the Holidays a customer shared this story with me. These types of stories often demonstrate that Swell Willey's is more than just a candy / ice cream store. The store holds family memories and traditions. The customer emailed me the following:

I had told you my Dad from New Jersey played semi-pro baseball on 8 teams, one that broke the racial barrier in Nashua, NH, The Nashua Dodgers by allowing the first two black players on American soil to join. My Dad left here to play in Virginia, and was a handsome man, back from the Navy WWII, etc

Ma would ship him saltwater taffy when he was on the road, and alas, he came back and married the little Greek girl from Nashua and stayed and raised 5 kids, enjoyed a full life. We camped all our lives at Salisbury Reservation 1961 to Dad's last time 2007 or so. We have a beach bench there for them, under the American Flag of course. My parents are Alan and Julie Thomaier

Believe in your magic

Kathy Thomaier Peterson

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